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Top 5 Digital Painting and Drawing Apps for Your iPad

We selected 5 powerful drawing and painting apps that can help you start creating digital masterpieces on your iPad today!

1. Paper by Fiftythree

If you are a beginner and you are looking for an App to make quick sketches, then Paper by Fiftythree is definitely worth checking out.

Its beautiful minimalistic interface strips back the sketching experience to the essentials and turns your iPad into the perfect tool for sketching your ideas and keeping them organized in separate Moleskine alike journals.

For the ultimate experience we suggest checking out FiftyThree’s iPad stylus, the Pencil.

2. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro for iPad

Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk is one of the most popular iPad apps for creating digital art. As you would expect from Autodesk, SketchBook Pro is packed with Professional tools but at the same time it has a well-thought interface making it easy for everyone to create art on the iPad. There is a wide range of tools, including digital pencils, pens, airbrushes and markers.

Sketchbook Pro also enables you to work with layers, transparency options, annotations and advanced blending modes. Its integration with Dropbox and the ability to import Photoshop files, makes it an ideal iPad application for artists working on the move.

3. Procreate

ProCreate for iPad

Procreate for iPad features uncluttered user interface with an easily accessible sliders, which enable you to quickly adjust the size and opacity of your brush. It helps by saving you time and lets you focus on your work rather than constantly getting distracted by various menus and pop-up windows.

Twelve pre-set brushes include advanced settings for paint loading and paint wetness for a more realistic look of your work. Moreover, there is a built-in brush editor which allows you to create custom brushes. All in all, Procreate is a very powerful, yet easy to use application for creating stunning art on your iPad!

4. ArtRage

ArtRage for iPad

ArtRage app for iPad is supercharged with tools and options for creating art on your iPad. There is a variety of paper options, canvas presets, as well as a wide range of brushes, pencils, rollers and pastels.

It takes a bit of time to familiarize yourself with ArtRage user interface, but once you will get to know it, it becomes pretty easy to work with the App.

5. Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas for iPad

Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook, that allows you to capture and explore ideas anywhere you go. As you would expect, the app has a very simple and clean user interface, designed for quick sketching of ideas and concepts.

Adobe Ideas offers a wide range of features, including simple vector-based drawing tools, while also allowing you to work with Adobe Illustrator compatible files directly on your iPad.

What is your favourite app for creating art on your iPad? Please leave your comment below.

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