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BAZINGA MacBook sticker and MacBook decal. The Big Bang Theory BAZINGA decal.

$7.99 $8.99

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A word used instead of saying:"fooled you!" after a prank. It first appeared in the series of "The Big Bang Theory" and is used by the character named Sheldon. It comes from the word "zing" which means to fool or rediculous someone. and just for a cool slang, the added the "ba" to it. And later the series added the "a" to it, and then it became "Bazinga" (Urban Dictionary, 2015). 

Additional information: 

- Fits any sizes, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (13, 15, 17 inches)
- Made from high quality vinyl
- Does not leave marks, traces or residue
- Very easy to apply to the surface of your MacBook
- Made in United Kingdom