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Best Typography and Type Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

In the pre-digital era, few people were interested in typography and type design. But now that we've almost forgotten how to write by hand, painted logos and hand-drawn fonts are coming into vogue again, and both Instagram and Pinterest are filled with motivational posters, painted letters and postcards.

We chose 9 Instagram accounts with great typography and type design, which are worth to follow.

1. The Type Hunter

Keith Tatum – is fond of late XIX - early XX century typography. His Instagram - is an online museum where you can find charming vintage posters, as well as advertising and packaging designs, which have long gone.

2. Xavier Casalta

Xavier Casalta - specializes in hand-lettering & illustration. Drawing a single letter in a painstaking technique takes 3 hours, but the result looks elegant and neat.

3. Best Dressed Signs

Design studio from Boston, specializes in street signs in retro style. Old school colors, painted bars and advertising posters, as in the movies of the 1950s.

4. Copenhagen Type

This Instagram account is dedicated to lettering in Copenhagen. Designer Rasmus Lund Mathisen photographs vintage signs painted directly on the walls and new signage in the classic Scandinavian style. By looking at this Instagram account one might get an impression that Copenhagen is typographically perfect city (well, maybe it is).

5. Typography Inspired

Another popular Instagram account showcasing the work of various artists, where you can get an idea of the different styles and trends in the lettering.

6. June Digan

Graphic designer and illustrator from Philippinesm June Digan, shows a great example of good typography featuring flowers, clouds, gentle colors and watercolor illustrations.

7. The Daily Type

One of the biggest collections of typography pictures on Instagram. The Daily Type covers everything from hand lettering and typographical illustrations through to print design and motivational posters that we mentioned previously.

8. Casey Ligon

Besides the usual typography and lettering materials, Casey Ligon uses Nutella, jam, sprinkles for cake decorating and flour. His font compositions, drawn with chalk on black chalkboard are particularly noteworthy.

9. Bijdevleet

Tim Bontan lives in Rotterdam and enjoys taking photos of interesting labels, packaging designs and bicycles. Definitely worth checking out!

Do you know any cool typography and lettering designers? Do let us know by leaving your comment below!

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